• Store Maintenance were asked by a long-standing client and high-end fashion retailer to provide switching solutions for the back of house lighting in a large 3-floor store in Brompton.  The store was not able to switch the lighting efficiently back of the house and due to entrance switching layout, lighting in the store was being left on 24/7.  To install new wired switching would have meant rewiring large elements of the lighting circuits overnight with access hatches and decorating works required.


  • Working with Lutron, we designed a switching and sensor arrangement using wireless VIVE products to enable the lighting to turn on and off automatically and remove the health & safety issues the existing switching had created.  Energy savings of over 50% in the back of house areas are projected and will be monitored with the client moving forward.
  • Training and a comprehensive manual were produced and delivered to identify the work delivered, switching capabilities and outcomes in each room.
  • A great solution with minimal work and detrimental effect on the client at a significantly reduced cost to the traditional wired alternative.  The system can also be extended and improved on as budget becomes available due to the wireless configuration and easy to use Lutron system and products.
Brompton Cross Case Study


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