Smart Store Technology

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There are numerous solutions and products on the market which Store Maintenance Ltd have assessed, seen demonstrations and discussed with key partners to provide options that will resonate with retail and commercial sectors.

We have three options with the opportunity to add other services, requirements and future proofs estates with technology that delivers.


Requires LED lighting upgrade with dimming drivers and control node.  Can be retrofitted to existing LED lighting by adding dimming driver and control node.

Lighting can be dimmed, programmed and switched either in-store/building or remotely to create different scenes, switch lighting on and off when required and control window and other displays.

Emergency lighting will be programmed remotely by Store Maintenance Ltd to functionally tested monthly and for full 3-hour duration to report back once each test is completed, with records saved against each store/building and easily accessible to the client.

Proactive reporting will tell us the condition of the building’s lighting, emergency lighting, and energy usage.  If there are issues these will be reported back to Store Maintenance Ltd who will react and resolve under warranty and ensure that the client’s brand image is consistent and correct.

A dashboard of the items monitored will be provided to ensure that the client has all the information available to them when required in a simple and easy to understand format.

Savings will be achieved in terms of energy reduction, testing and maintenance with technology infrastructure to deliver more once the savings have been achieved and can be re-invested if required.


All the benefits of Smart with additional sensors to report on foot fall, heat mapping and connectivity to fire alarm and other HVAC items giving a simple but effective BMS control system.

This requires LED lighting or retrofit as mentioned above but in stores/buildings where there is a full refit can be installed as a Power Over Ethernet solution.  This means that no power cabling,

containment or switching is required to be wired for lighting, POS, CCTV and security systems which will save on electrical installation costs.

Heating and cooling can be controlled by Store Maintenance Ltd, fire alarm will report back on any issues but will still require testing in-store/building.  Store Management will know what the issues are in store for all the items monitored and be able to proactively maintain the store/building.

POS, CCTV and security systems can also be added to the PoE solution which reduces install time scales and enables monitoring of the systems to ensure that they are working correctly.

Reporting on footfall, heat mapping, HVAC and other monitored services will be available on dashboards and downloads to the client whenever required.


All the benefits of Smart and Smarter with additional energy saving and control.

This option requires the PoE solution but will enable SM to control the power used from the grid and ensure additional energy savings.

We will install battery and control packs into the store that the PoE solution will be wired from.  This will enable lighting, sensors, POS, CCTV and security systems to be wired from the packs saving on electrical installs.

The battery packs will charge up overnight on cheap rate electricity and then be able to power the store dependent on load for 50 to 75% of the day for lighting, sensors, POS, CCTV and security systems.

Power hours for energy usage are 4 pm to 7 pm so as a minimum the stores/buildings would operate on battery power during this time.  The other advantages are that if there is a power cut the store/building can operate with the lighting, POS, CCTV and security systems still functional for a period of time.

The load of the store and size of the batteries will dictate the length the store/building can operate for, but this can be up to 8 hours if the batteries are fully charged.

There is also the option to connect solar panels to the battery packs if you own the roof space or the landlord will allow it.  The new panels are lightweight 3kg not 30kg and can be bonded to the roof directly enabling a cost-effective solution, generating energy.

Dashboard and reporting on all elements will be available when required.


The technologies we have described above are now readily available and can be trialed in a store/building of your choice.

The control nodes for the light fittings will be housed within the LED fixture or in the ceilings.  The sensors for the footfall and heatmapping can be included within the light fittings and/or mounted remotely.  These are small and unobtrusive but effective and easy to programme and report from.

All the options are simple to install and come with 5-year warranties which will be monitored, controlled and reported by SM in terms of savings and failures.

The dashboards can be modelled to reflect the items included and information required to view as and when needed.

All solutions offer smart technology with significant benefits that will reduce maintenance costs, enable proactive reporting and above all improve the brand appearance of the stores and buildings.


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