Store Maintenance Ltd. provide a unique “Turnkey Lighting Service” from survey and design to installation and recycling.

There are a number of equally important stages in the provision of a client lighting solution; these are detailed below;

Establish the key drivers for the project; energy efficiency, improved maintenance regime, lighting system optimization.

Agree on client KPis and project expectations.

Collect information relating to the existing lighting system, including lamp and luminaire count and details of the emergency lighting systems and controls.

Gather information relating to the application, activity, work patterns, hours of operation together with the level and orientation of natural light.

Premises dimensions are recorded, where possible drawings/plans are preferred.

There are a number of key factors in this process which include:

  • Technology; selecting the appropriate lighting technology, T5 fluorescent, LED, Induction, is essential in achieving the client brief.
  • Lighting Design; the focus is on the application, illuminating the task or product and providing a balanced lux level, uniformity and CRi.

This is a formal document outlining the existing lighting installation and the proposed lighting system together with a financial appraisal, incorporating ROI.

The proposal also incorporates.

  • Legislation; incorporating future proofed design to ensure compliance.
  • Business Risk; minimize business risk through system compliance.
  • ECA grants and finance options.

This element incorporates sourcing, procurement, and logistics. Pre-contract, commencement, and scheduled project review meetings maintain essential levels of communication and ensure any issues are resolved.

The installation service is Safe Contractor accredited and operates in accordance with ISO 9001.

An element, of the installation process, often overlooked, following completion of a lighting system. The position and orientation of luminaires, calibration of lighting controls and emergency lighting tests are reviewed prior to formal notification of project competition.

In accordance with the WEEE regulations “end of life” lamps and luminaires, removed from an installation, will be recycled and documentation achieving WEEE compliance.

The quality of lighting products installed is often measured by the warranty provided. Importantly the warranty process is managed to ensure the client obtains the full benefit of the warranty guarantee.

A maintenance programme/schedule can be provided.

A client support team, operating 24/7, provides an on-line client management and job tracking system. Client reports can be produced detailing job status and history.


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